Hi / Bonjour / Grüezi / Hej / Hæ

I'm Cléa.

I am obsessed with discovering how things are made. I dream in pixels and Pantone swatches. I am a minimalist who believes in quality over quantity.

Passionate about problem solving and creating since I can remember, I chose to pursue design because of its inspiring ability to foster positive change - be it behavioural, environmental, political or economical.

Humanity is embedded at the core of my ideology as a designer; I have always valued empathy as a cornerstone of design and leadership. I believe in design that is functional and attractive; but first and foremost, design that feels good.

Originally from Switzerland and having spent ten years in Canada, I am somewhat of a cultural hybrid ‑ a blend of European and North American experiences. Raised as a citizen of the world, I have lived in seven countries and have picked up five languages along the way. I am not afraid of change - instead, I embrace it.