Canada 150 & Montreal 375 Souvenirs

The year 2017 marks Canada's 150th anniversary, as well as the City of Montreal's 375th birthday. In honour of these two important celebrations, and as a nod to one of the countries I call home, here are a handful of concepts for quirky, unusual Canadian souvenirs. A touch of humour, a hint of tradition, and a pinch of nostalgia.

Graphic Design, Product Design


Montreal Souvenir | Tote Bag | I love MTL

Montreal 375: Montréal, je t'❤️

Here, the official City of Montreal logo is deconstructed to reveal a simple heart shape; a reference to the iconic “I love you NY” slogan. This is one of several colour combinations available.

Montreal Souvenirs | I love MTL | Pillow, notebook, mug and tote

Montreal 375: Squirrels & Their Peanuts 🐿

This one celebrates the squirrel population of Montreal! Throughout the year but particularly during the city's cold winters, peanuts are scattered across snowy sidewalks by locals for squirrels to take.

Montreal Souvenirs | Squirrels | Pillow, notebook, mug and tote
Montreal Souvenir | Tote Bag | Squirrels & Peanuts
Canadian Souvenir | Tote Bag | Canada 150th Anniversary

Canada 150: Railway Series 🚊

The illustration for this series was inspired by Trans-Canadian Railways. The ViaRail logo is referenced in the word “Canada” and the tracks spell out “150”. A celebration of the vast, stunning landscapes Canada has to offer.

Canadian Souvenirs | Canada 150th | Pillow, notebook, mug and tote