ColourLucent Educational Toy

ColourLucent is a collaboration/co-creation project focused on creating educational solutions for children aged 4 to 6, inspired by the essential principles of photography: light and colour theory. The educational goal is to teach the child the basics of colour theory by juxtaposing the pieces one on top of the other to create new colours. The white and black pieces act as indicators of shutter speed and aperture.

Jeremy Calhoun

Educational, Toy Design


ColourLucent Children's Educational Toy
Cléa Lautrey | Design and Art Direction | Toy Design
ColourLucent Children's Educational Toy
ColourLucent Children's Educational Toy

Design Features

The toy’s intricate design and symmetrical qualities encourage interaction and play. Made of birch plywood, the octagonal base holds three layers of eight identical hollow pieces. Each piece hosts a different translucent coloured urethane resin – red, green, blue, yellow, orange, magenta, white and black. The light inside the base is diffused by a sheet of opaque plexiglass.

Prototyping & Final Product

With the help of a template produced with a CNC machine, we created a router jig in order to produce symmetrical, identical wood pieces. The coloured urethane resin inserts were cast and coloured individually by hue. The circuitry for the light box was then soldered and added during final assembly.

ColourLucent Children's Educational Toy
ColourLucent Children's Educational Toy

Size & Storage

The toy's octagonal base houses all electronic components of the light, as well as providing storage for loose parts when the toy is not in use. Its compact size and shutter-like shape encourage even the busiest of parents to take a moment for family playtime. The toy can also act as a decorative piece as children grow older.