Omeos Smart Band

Before smart watches and fitness trackers were trending, I had an idea: what if heart rate monitoring and social networking collided? Omeos is a stress regulating device, based on the principle of mutual support among friends and partners. This smart wrist band uses sensor technology to assess stress levels and initiate friendly contact through non-verbal communication. If the heart rate of one person increases, their friend with the corresponding device is notified and may initiate non-verbal feedback as a sign of support.

Interactive Design, CAD


Features & Benefits

Cléa Lautrey | Product Design

User Scenario

Omeos is designed to regulate stress based on the psychological approach of mutual support, as opposed to the physical approach that we see in simple heart rate monitors.

CAD Modeling & Prototyping

The design process included foam core prototyping, silicone casting with wire mesh, Arduino circuit prototyping, CAD modelling and 3D printing.